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Mayil Murugan in Simha Prabhai Brass Antique 7.5 inch
Product ID: V00787
Quantity Available: 3

The Hindu Diety, Lord Karthikeyan is also familiarly known as Mayil Vahanan, Kandan,  Shanmugan, Subhramanyan, Swaminathan (Guru of his Father, Shiva) is considered to be the Commander of the Gods,  Deva Senapathi symbolizes Courage & Victory. He is prominently worshipped across the world as beautiful Son of God Shiva & Goddess Parvathi and brother of Lord Sri Ganesh.

The shining Brass statue of Murugan is beautifully  handcrafted in Brass Metal with antique finish of about 7.5 inches height wearing a great Mukut (Crown) with graceful eyes & beautiful smile on his Divine Face  standing on  a Lotus Peedam surrounded by an artistic Simha Prabhavli (Arch with Lion's Face),  showing Abhaya Hasta (No fear) & Varadha Hasta (Granting) on his Right and Left Hands  leaning Vel on his shoulder accompanied by a Peacock behind him as his Vahana (Vehicle) and a Snake.

The Artistic Murugam Sculpture is auspicious to worship at Home / Temple / Mutt / Work place, as the devotees get blessings for Courage, Wisdom & Victory of good over evil. It is ideal for Home / Work Place Decor and spiritual Gift for Festivals like Kanda Shasti, Thai Poosam etc. 


Height : 7.5 inches

Length : 4 inches

Width : 2.2 inches

Weight : 936 Gms

Price: Rs 1,889.00
Rs 1,700.10
 Mayil Murugan in Simha Prabhai Brass Antique 7.5 inch
Mayil Murugan in Simha Prabhai Brass Antique 7.5 inch

Total Price : Rs 1,700.10
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