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Multicolour Marble Dust Shiva Parivar Figurine 4.5 inch
Product ID: DMD00623
Quantity Available: 5

The Hindu Divine Parivar (Family) of Lord Shiva or Mahadeva ('The Great God') is namely his Consort, Goddess Parvathi, their Elder Son, Lord Ganesha.

The God Shiva protects his devotees from Evil such as Lust & greed, bestows grace and awakens wisdom.

The Goddess Parvathi is known as the Motherly of form of Gowri Devi represents the virtues such as devotion to the spouse & Shakthi (Power) and Prosperity.

Sri Ganesh / Sri Vignesh is believed to be born from the sandal paste of Parvathi with an elephant’s Head, Big belly & Long Ears is worshipped as the Master of Intelligence and Remover of Obstacles.

The Gorgeous Shiv Parivar is beautifully carfted in marble dust with Multicolour finish of about 4.5 inchesto decorate your Table Top at Home or worksplace

Take home now this wonderful Multicolour Shiva Parivar Marble Figurine online at an attractive price  as a special Decorative showpiece to get a Royal feel for Home Decor, Work place and an excellent friendly return Gift for Spiritual occasions such as Marriage, Ayush Homam (Child's 1st Birthday), Navaratri Golu, Seemantham, House warming Functions, Gruhapravesam, Marriage, Shiva Rathri Celebrations.


Height: 11 cm

Length: 9 cm

Width: 5 cm

weight: 315 Grams
Price: Rs 967.00
Multicolour Marble Dust Shiva Parivar Figurine 4.5 inch
Multicolour Marble Dust Shiva Parivar Figurine 4.5 inch

Total Price : Rs 967.00
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