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Arch Varahi Amman Brass Antique 9 Inch
Product ID: VAV0000870
Quantity Available: 1
The Hindu Goddess Varahi Amman is the unique avatar of Goddess Lalithambikai. She describes the Goddess of darkness, mostly, she is worshipped after sunset and usually in the middle of the night. Goddess Varahi Amman is one of the Matrikas, with the head of a sow and 8 hands, named as a group of seven Mother Goddesses in the form of Shakthi or Power / shakti (feminine energy) who symbolizes the feminine aspect of the all-pervading power of creation.

Matha Varahi Brass Sculpture is beautifully hand crafted in Brass with antique finish of about 9 inches height holding holy weapons on her hands sitting on a Lotus Pedestal covered by an artistic Prabhai (Arch) showing abhaya Mudra (Not to fear) on one of her hands laying her left leg down to empower the Health, Courage and Shakthi (Power) against Evil Energy.

Goddess Varahi Amman is revered by all her devotees as the granters of boons, leading long & prosperous life, remove all credit issues and destroyer of enemies. The Golden Brass Figurine of Varahi Amman is a ideal for Decorative Showpiece at home/ Office, Pooja worship and good present for the Spiritual, festival occasions such as Navarathri Golu Decoration / Dasara Celebrations.


Height : 22 Cms

Length : 14 Cms

Breadth : 9 Cms

Weight : 2222 Grams
Price: Rs 4,789.00
Arch Varahi Amman Brass Antique 9 Inch
Arch Varahi Amman Brass Antique 9 Inch

Total Price : Rs 4,789.00
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