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Dasavatharam Idols Set Brass Antique 3 Inch
Product ID: VVd00754.
Quantity Available: 1
Incarnations of Sriman Narayana worshipped as Dasavatharam - Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu:

Matsya (Fish)
Kurma (Tortoise)
Varaha (Bohr's Face in Human Body)
Narasimha (Lion's Face in Human Body)
Vamana (Thiruvikraman - Ulagalantha Perumal)
Parashurama (Son of Rishi Jamadagni)
Rama (Manushya Avathar as son of Dasaratha)
Balarama (Elder Brother of Sri Krishna) & Sri Krishna (Manushya Avathar as Son of Vasudevar)
Kalki (Man riding on a Horse with a sword)

The marvellous cute Sri Dasavatharam Set is beautifully handcrafted in the metal brass with antique finish of about 3 inches height.

Shop now this Elegant Brass sculpture of Sri Vishnu's Dasavathram Figurine Set online at an attractive price, ideal for for for Pooja Mandir Decorative Showpiece and an excellent Gift to be shared within Family loved ones during Spiritual occasions such as Gruhapravesam, Marriage, Bhoomi Pooja, Navarathi to be blessed with Wisdom, Courage, Prosperity, Good Health & wealth.

Dimensions of Each Idol:

Height : 8 Cms 

Length : 3 Cms 

Breadth : 3 Cms 

Weight : 1800 Grams (Total).
Price: Rs 5,248.00
Dasavatharam Idols Set Brass Antique 3 Inch
Dasavatharam Idols Set Brass Antique 3 Inch

Total Price : Rs 5,248.00
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